What is “Smart Money”? Why Should You Choose TINO IQ?

When you hear the phrase “smart money”, what do you think about? Money growing on trees, perhaps? Or maybe raining hundred dollar bills. That would be simply incredible. And if you did think of those things, you are part of the 99% of the materialistic general public. Although we hate to admit it, money does bring us some extent of happiness. Yes, it may not be as valuable as intangible possessions such as compassion and love, but it is something that makes our life easier and ultimately better.

However a term that is not often associated with money is “stocks”. But why not? With a task that can be literally be done while lying down on your sofa, why aren’t more people jumping at this opportunity? I mean didn’t the progression of technology allow people to do practically everything while sitting on couches? This peeked my curiosity and I decided to talk to people who had once invested in the market and then found it not worthwhile. Through my research, I came to the conclusion that consumers are too scared about the “risk” of losing their money. When the market fluctuates constantly, there is too much uncertainty. Uncertainty scares people, as seen in recent U.S. politics. I like to think that our society is generally progressive, which is why I was not surprised to see a start-up like TINO.

Don’t get me wrong, I am genuinely impressed with TINO’s platform. With an accuracy of 99% in most stock predictions, it is closest thing to certainty we are going to get with the stock market, which should satisfy the hearts and minds of many people. Whether you are an expert trader or want to try out something new, I would definitely recommend it. I’m a seventeen-year-old and even I found success within the market. I didn’t spend actual money, but I used these predictions to reach top 25 in the Stock Market Game. I didn’t make it into the next level because I got lazy and decided to focus on my other event, but nonetheless, it did allow me to have confidence in my “money”. I regret not pursuing the game further and using TINO as my secret weapon, but it did teach me the lesson of endurance.

Take it from an actual trader: my own mother. She invested $5,000 and now she’s close to $9,000. And it’s not like she just stared at a computer all day, she is a busy stay-at-home mom. She checked her phone in between pouring cereal for me and my dad and analyzed the predictions before bed to decide what to invest in. She knew she was good at this stuff even though my dad was reluctant to give her the $5,000 in the first place. My point is, she was motivated and made this procedure part of her daily schedule.

I’m not saying this job is easy. I took these predictions as a way to help me in my game, and I got tired of it. However, I’d like to think that if it was real money, I would’ve given it more importance. My mom took it seriously and made an immense amount of profit which surprised my dad even more than the first time my mom told him she was interested in investing. We are NOT a nuclear family, we don’t even come close. But TINO IQworked for us. It requires diligence and patience but it did pay off in the end. Or rather, it pays YOU in the end. You don’t need to start with $5,000 but any extra savings you have sitting under bed could be put into good use. Prioritize and invest in certainty. Good luck, and use your intelligence to make “smart money”.

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